Training on Diploma mills and fraudulent qualifications in Leiden

Over the past years the phenomenon of “Diploma Mills” fraudulent documents and counterfeit qualifications has become a worldwide problem and has grown especially in the Higher Education sector. Thanks to the various and free of charge possibilities offered by the Internet, it became quite easy to produce forged or modified university qualifications to credential evaluators.

This workshop aims at analysing the different types of not recognised institutions and in particular the numerous diploma and accreditation mills. A part of the workshop is dedicated to on-line available tools used for the forgery of qualifications (such as e-mail spoofing and web spoofing) and their functioning will be showed in order to recognise the elements that distinguish the different typologies of documentation. The decision to show how actually this phenomenon works aims at building a correct methodology regarding the verification of documents and at hindering the forgery and the alteration of qualifications and documentation.

The training session will take place on 26 February after der 2nd annual conference in Leiden.