Conferences and training

ProDeJIP organises an annual congress, consisting of an international conference and a targeted training session for coordinators of JIPs, as well as the General Assembly of the association for its members. Details of the Conferences held by ProDeJIP can be found below, including the programme, the presentations used by speakers and session summaries. Further below are the details of each of the 6 European regional conferences organised by the EM-iDEA project between 2011 and 2013. Please click on the anchors below to skip to the respective conference.


ProDeJIP Brussels Conference 2018

ProDeJIP Leiden Conference 2016

ProDeJIP Rome Conference 2015

EM-iDEA Conference - Bordeaux 2013

EM-iDEA Conference - Valencia 2013

EM-iDEA Conference - Novi Sad 2012

EM-iDEA Conference - Vilnius 2012

EM-iDEA Conference - Lund 2012

EM-iDEA Conference - Ghent 2011

3rd annual Conference in Brussels, Belgium

Following a period of inactivity from the second half of 2016 until early 2018, the aim of this Conference was to help with restarting ProDeJIP's activities by bringing together its members and all those interested around relevant topics for the development of JIPs at large.The Conference was followed by a meeting of ProDeJIP's General Assembly in the afternoon The next Conference is expected to be organized at the end of 2019 or in the first half of 2020, which will be announced in time on this site


Brussels, October 26th 2018 - at Region Nouvelle Aquitaine's Brussels Representation

Session 1: Robert Wagenaar (University of Groningen, EMJMD Euroculture, member of the Dutch team of Bologna Experts)

''The relevant outcomes for joint programmes and degrees of the recent meeting of the EHEA Ministers of Higher Education, Paris, May 2018''

Session 2: David Crosier (Higher Education Coordinator, Eurydice/EACEA A7)

''The main obstacles in the implementation of the Bologna Process for JIPs"

Session 3: Janina Satzer (Head of coordination ILE, University of Hamburg, EMJMD EMLE)

"Marketing strategies for JIPs"

Session 4: Barbara Rega (AgroParisTech, EMJMD FIPDes)

"How to strengthen contact with relevant stakeholders, especially in the labour market"

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2nd annual Conference in Leiden, The Netherlands

The aim of the conference on 25th February 2016 was to bring together the members of ProDeJIP and all those interested in the development of JIPs at large. It was be preceded by ProDeJIP's General Assembly in the afternoon of February 24th and followed by training sessions in the morning of February 26th.


Leiden, February 25th 2016 - at Leiden University Medical Centre

Morning plenary sessions:

  • Mark FREDERIKS (European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education - ECA):

''Accreditation of joint programmes: the new European Approach''

  • Apiyo OKWIRI (President, Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association - EMA):

''Proposals for working/exchanging with alumni of joint programmes''

  • Vera ZABOTKINA, (Russian State University for the Humanities):

“Examples of JIPs involving non-European countries''

Afternoon sessions:

  • 1) ‘‘Sustainability - A reading seminar’’

- with Boas EREZ (President of ProDeJIP)

- with Kevin HAINES (University College Groningen)

Final plenary:

  • Afternoon session summaries
  • Prospects for JIPs


Leiden, February 26th 2016 - at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC, building 1, Albinusdreef 2)

- with Luca LANTERO (Director of CIMEA)

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1st annual Conference in Rome, Italy

The first annual Conference of ProDeJIP took place at the LUISS University in Rome on the 25th and 26th June 2015.

Conference Programme

Morning plenary session

The Joint Master Degrees under the Erasmus+ Programme - Klaus HAUPT, Head of Unit, EACEA

Joint degrees from A to Z: presentation of findings - Caroline DUITS, Project Officer, NUFFIC

Erasmus+ seenHow to set up a robust partnership from outside Europe - James Otieno JOWI, Executive Director African Network for Internationalization of Education-­ANIE

Afternoon parallel sessions

1. Maintaining a joint international programme in a moving institutional context - with examples from AgroParisTech

2. How to set up a robust partnership - moderated by Wicher Schreuders, Erasmus University Rotterdam

3. Partnerships beyond the EU borders - with Krzysztof Ostrowski, Pultusk Academy of Humanities

Training sessions

Promotion and marketing of joint master programmes: the EM-ACE experience and marketing toolkit - Mattea CAPELLI (Università La Sapienza, Rome)

Joint programmes and capacity building in the view of Erasmus + - Manuela Costone (Erasmus Mundus National Contact Point, Italy)

Recognition and joint programmes: selection of students and awarding the final qualification - Luca Lantero (CIMEA)

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EM-iDEA Conferences

The section below includes the programmes and presentations of each of the 6 European regional conferences organised in the framework of the EM-iDEA project. The Conferences were aimed at bringing together the Erasmus Mundus (EM) community at large around structured exchanges whilst also allowing for frank and open discussion of topics relevant to EM and other joint programme coordinators. The conferences allowed for exchange of information on the intimate functioning of existing joint programmes, best practices, national regulations and possible and existing problems and solutions. Furthermore, they provided a good opportunity for networking among the various participants.

The conferences were aimed at those:

  • working on an existing joint programme of Erasmus Mundus type or preparing a new one
  • wishing to meet people involved in the implementation of joint programmes
  • sharing the ambition to strengthen the cooperation within the European Higher Education Area and with universities throughout the world
  • wishing to participate in the creation of a structured network of professionals with experience in the development and implementation of joint programmes.

EM-iDEA Conference - Bordeaux, France

The 6th and final EM-iDEA European regional Conference was held by the University of Bordeaux on the 12th July 2013. The Conference provided the latest news on Erasmus + (still known at the time as "Erasmus for All"), analysing its impact on ongoing and future efforts to establish joint programmes. The Conference also provided the occasion for the Constituent General Assembly of ProDeJIP. To view the presentations given by the plenary speakers, please click on their respective names. The minutes of the Constituent General Assembly (Plenary 2) can also be found by clicking on the relevant link below. Finally, reports taken during the parallel sessions are also available below.

jOpening Session

Professor François CANSELL, Director of the Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux

Professor Vincent DOUSSET, Vice President for International Relations,University of Bordeaux

Professor Boas EREZ, Coordinator of the EM-iDEA project

Plenary 1: "Erasmus +" - National perspectives

Mr Antoine GODBERT, (Former) Director of the Agence Europe Education Formation France

Dr Siegbert WUTTIG, Director of the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation - German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Plenary 2

Constituent General Assembly for the creation of ProDeJIP

- Presentation

- Minutes

Parallel sessions (Sessions were each repeated once)

Session 1: Practical aspects of the transition from Erasmus Mundus to Erasmus +  

Agence Europe Education Formation France

Session 2: How to support Joint International Programmes?

Prof. Philippe GOURBESVILLE, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis

Session 3: What role can Joint International Programmes play in the future development of the EHEA?

Prof. Wicher SCHREUDERS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Session 4: How to contribute to the training of Joint International Programme coordinators?

Ms Virginie BIELENDA, Université Bordeaux 1 and Ms Deborah DIDIO, Université Bordeaux Segalen

Closing plenary

Ms Marie-Christine VERGIAT, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Committee on Culture & Education

Summaries of parallel sessions, conclusions and closing

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EM-iDEA Conference - Valencia, Spain

The University of Valencia hosted the 5th EM-iDEA regional conference on the 8th March 2013. The Conference focused on the future of Erasmus Mundus projects, with a presentation of the new EU programme for Youth, Education, Culture and Sport, and a few updates on the programme. A presentation was given on the lessons learned from the first generation of Erasmus Mundus joint programmes.

The Conference updated on the internal progress made by the EM-iDEA project, in particular towards the creation of ProDeJIP, then still known as EM Concilium. Delegates gave their view on a number of elements pertaining to the Association, providing feedback for an updated 'executive summary' of the Association project.

Opening session

- Professor Esteban Morcillo Sánchez, Rector of the University of Valencia

- Professor Boas Erez, Coordinator of the EM-iDEA project

Plenary 1

- Erasmus for All - New opportunities for Higher Education: Mr Vito Borrelli, Head of Sector, Erasmus Mundus and China Desk, European Commission DG Education and Culture

- Lessons learned from the first générations of Erasmus Mundus courses: Mr José Gutierrez, Deputy Head of Unit, Erasmus Mundus and External Cooperation, European Commission Education Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

Plenary 2

- Joint and Double Degree Programmes in the Global context: Mr Matthias Kuder, Head of the Liaison Offices Network, Centre for International Cooperation, Freie Universität Berlin

- Elements for a European accreditation of international Joint Programmes: Mr Josep Grifoll, Head of the Quality Assessment Department of the AQU of Catalonia; Member of the ENQA Board

Parallel sessions

Session 1: Mission, vision and promotion of the Concilium - Project Plan, with members of EM-iDEA and EMA

Session 2: Governance, structure and operations of the Concilium - Debate on key points of the Statutes, with members of EM-iDEA

Final plenary

Parallel session summaries, conclusion and closing


Please click on the following to view the corresponding document:

Parallel session report

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  • parallel session 1
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EM-iDEA Conference - Novi Sad, Serbia

The University of Novi Sad hosted the 4th regional EM-iDEA Conference on the 2nd and 3rd October 2012. The Conference took place over two days, with a 'Satellite Conference' focusing on Erasmus Mundus and Tempus in Serbia and the Western Balkan region, followed by the Main Conference which focused more on the progress of the EM-iDEA project to date, given that a considerable amount of the project's activities up until then had taken place 'behind the scenes'. Presentations for all Satellite Conference speakers' and for those presenting EM-iDEA project activity results can be viewed by clicking the relevant speaker's name below.


Satellite Conference

Welcome and General presentation of Erasmus Mundus in Serbia,

Prof. Miroslav Veskovic, Rector of the University of Novi Sad

Round table session, with presentations of the following:

- Joint programmes developed through TEMPUS and promotion of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 and 3, Ms Jasmina Gajic, TEMPUS Office Serbia

- Joint degrees in Serbia: Examples of best practice, ‘JoinSEE’ TEMPUS project, Prof. Pavle Sekeruš, Vice-Rector, University of Novi Sad

- Erasmus Mundus Action 1 ‘Astromundus’, Ms Dragana Ilic, University of Belgrade

- Erasmus Mundus A2 ‘BASILEUS’, Ms Ana Soti, University of Novi Sad

  • Discussion, focusing on ongoing and potential cooperation between the EU and third countries in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia


Main Conference

Conference welcome, Prof. Pavle Sekeruš, Vice-rector of the University of Novi Sad

Plenary 1: Erasmus Mundus - A model to keep? Prof. Boas Erez, EM-iDEA coordinator and EMMC coordinator

Plenary 2: Results and outcomes of the EM-iDEA 'Needs Analysis' activity, Prof. José María Peiró and Prof. Vicente Martinez Tur, University of Valencia

Plenary 3: Results and outcomes of the EM-iDEA 'Survey of Available Tools and Services' activity, Francesco Girotti, University of Bologna

Plenary 4: Towards the creation of the EM Concilium, Prof. Boas Erez


Please click on the following to view the corresponding documents:

Satellite Conference report

Plenary Session 2 report

Plenary Session 3 report

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EM-iDEA Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania

The 3rd regional EM-iDEA Conference took place on the 13th July 2012 at Vilnius University. Please see below for the full Conference programme and all plenary and workshop speakers' presentations. They can be viewed by clicking on the relevant presentation title.

Conference welcome, Dr Rimantas VAITKUS, Vice Rector of Vilnius University for International Affairs

Plenary 1:

- Recent Developments in the Erasmus Mundus programme - Building Quality, Recognition and Global Impact, Prof. Michael Blakemore, ECORYS UK

- Presentation of a new initiative by the EMA (Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association) to collect feedback from EM students, Ms Aimee Haley, EMA 

Plenary 2:

Erasmus Mundus from an Asian perspective and latest developments faced by Campus Asia, Prof. Kiyong BYUN, Korea University

Parallel workshops

- W1: How can the EM Community best communicate with students? (click on speakers' names to view the presentations)

Ms Rikke Andersen, Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association,

Ms Alessandra Gallerano, of the project 'Promoting EM to European Students

- W2: Recognition Instruments for the dialogues between joint programme coordinators, Mr Giovanni Finochietti, of the Erasmus Mundus Action 3 project 'BRIDGE'

- W3: Erasmus Mundus in the Baltic States: Specific problems and solutions, Mr Martynas Sukys, Lithuanian EM National Agency

Plenary 3: An association of EM coordinators: Towards a statement of shared values and principles, with Mr Andries Verspeeten and Mr Francesco Girotti, both of the EM-iDEA project

Plenary 4: Outcomes and conclusions


Please click on the following to view the corresponding documents:

Plenary speakers biographies

Plenary 3 report

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EM-iDEA Conference - Lund, Sweden

Lund University hosted the second of six european regional conferences organised by the project. As always, details of the conference programme, including links to the presentations given by speakers and summary reports of the workshops are given below. Please click on the names of the underlined speakers to see the slides from their presentations. For further information on the plenary session speakers, please see below.


Opening speeches

Prof. Per Eriksson, Vice-Chancellor of Lund University

Prof. Boas Erez, EM-iDEA Project Coordinator

Plenary 1: Challenges facing Erasmus Mundus projects, Prof. Petter Pïlesjö, EMA1/2 Coordinator, Lund University

Plenary 2: Erasmus Mundus Action 2 from a coordinator, partner and university perspective, Ms Gunilla Carlecrantz, Department Head, IRO Lund University

Plenary 3: Discussion with plenary speakers and workshop coordinators, moderated by Ms. Margareta Nordstrand

Workshop 1: The Erasmus Mundus Brand Name, led by Prof. Boas Erez and Prof. Philippe Gourbesville, EM-iDEA project

- Creation of a draft position paper advocating the retention of the EM brand name in the new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport

Workshop 2: An Association of EM coordinators to promote the European Higher Education Area? led by Prof. Boas Erez and Prof. Philippe Gourbesville

- Presentation outlining the creation of the proposed EM Concilium, followed by an discussion allowing all participants to give their opinion on and propose possible functions for the Concilium


Please click on the following to view the corresponding documents:

Plenary speakers biographies

Workshop reports

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  • lund 7

EM-iDEA Conference - Ghent, Belgium

The first EM-iDEA Conference took place on the 23rd November 2011 in Ghent, Belgium. The Conference programme can be found below, with links to all presentations given and to reports from the workshops listed below. Please click on the names of the underlined speakers to see the slides from their presentations.


Opening speeches:

Prof. Dr. Paul Van Cauwenberge, Rector of Ghent University

Prof. Boas Erez, EM-iDEA Project Coordinator

Mr. Vito Borrelli, Head of Sector EM, DG Education, European Commission

Plenary sessions

Plenary 1: How joint programmes can help make the European Higher Education Area more attractive

- Open discussion

Plenary 2: The day to day work of an EM coordinator and the problems he/she has to face  (Please click on the respective speakers' names to view their présentations)

Prof. Roel BaetsEMA1 Coordinator, Ghent University

Dr. Artur Schmitt, EMA2 Coordinator, University of Granada

Dr. Raymond Nijmeijer, EMA1/2 Coordinator, Twente University/ITC

Parallel workshops

W1: How to create synergies among EM coordinators within an institution

- Andries Verspeeten, EMMC coordinator, Ghent University

- Elisabeth Axell and Ulrika Qvisqt Mathiesen, EM Action 2 coordinators, Lund University

W2: How to best identify the needs of the EM community

- Prof. José María Peiró & Prof. Vicente Martinez Tur, University of Valencia

W3: Perceptions of the Erasmus Mundus programme in third countries

- Panambi Abadie, Grupo Montevideo Association of Universities

- James Otieno Jowi, African Network for Internationalization of Education

W4: What role could an Association of EM coordinators play?

- Gwenaelle Guillerme, Ecole Central Paris

Plenary 3: Outcomes, conclusions and closing

Please click on the following to view the corresponding documents:

Workshop reports

Workshop speakers' biographies

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